Foreign Language Courses

The courses are administered by the teachers of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology.
The programme targets students of non-linguistic majors and is aimed at training translators in the sphere of professional activities. Students can study English, German, French and Czech. The central purpose of the courses is to train proper pronunciation, to provide students with a certain knowledge of lexis and grammar, to teach them how to write properly in a foreign language and above all to help students master practical language skills.
Each course provides new knowledge, an interesting programme, new acquaintances and leisure diversity. But above all is the opportunity to broaden horizons and to graduate from the University more diversely prepared for future professional activity. Studying at the Faculty of Social Professions young specialists take an active stand in life and form artistic attitude towards their professional and public activities.
The classes are being administered mostly by the University teachers, who do not spare their time and efforts and are truly devoted to their work and their students. The classes are given in the evening when students are not occupied with their main studies. In the 2010-2011 academic year the tuition at the Faculty of Social Professions is carried out on a commercial basis.
The cost of one year’s course is 800 rubles, an hour on foreign language courses costs 40 roubles. Upon completion of their studies, students are issued with a certificate.