History of the Faculty of Economics

Brief Historical Overview 
Among the 15 Bashkir State University Faculties the Faculty of Economics belongs to the young ones. It was established in 1988 as a structural unit of the Faculty of Geography. That had been preceded by emergence of objective prerequisites in the country and in the Republic. The reality demonstrated the need for obligatory economic substantiation of production and economic decisions being taken at every level of national economy. In this connection, since the 1970s the demand for economists has grown significantly in all branches and on all levels of national economy. It was in that period that the post of the chief economist appeared in staff lists at industrial, agricultural and construction enterprises as well as in ministries and offices. At the same time the need for qualified economists grew bigger. These circumstances were taken into account, and economic faculties and majors began to be established in Russian and Bashkir universities. Thus, economic faculties gradually appeared in leading Republican state educational establishments, such as Ufa Aviation Institute, Ufa Oil Institute and Bashkir Agricultural Institutes; the existing faculties were expanding. These faculties trained specialists in specific economic branches. The reality demonstrated that national economy needs not just economists, but multifunctional economists aware of general economic development regularities, socioeconomic factors of society development, and international relations. In this connection the need to train such economists in one of the Republican universities appeared. Bashkir State University, a classical university, was chosen that could provide certain conditions, namely staff potential. The Faculty of Geography was selected as a starting base for training economists due to its specialisation in economics and geography.
The Faculty of Geography was renamed the Faculty of Economics and Geography.
The emergence and substantiation of the need for establishing an economic faculty in Bashkir State University was majorly contributed to by the Department of Political Economics, which was well-known in the Republic and headed by Associate Professor A.Kh. Makhmutov at the time. The Department employed Candidates of Economics, Associate Professors F.M. Galeyeva, S.F. Gots, M.R. Daukayev, M.Ye. Mirkin, M.B. Rossinsky, A.V. Chuvashayev, G.I. Yakupov. At the same time, at the preparatory stage, possibilities were considered of employing the professional and teaching staff of the Faculties of Mathematics and History, the Departments of Foreign Languages and Philosophy in teaching general humanist and socioeconomic disciplines, as well as general mathematical and natural scientific disciplines. It was also taken into account that the Faculty of Geography had specialists required for training economists: Sh.V. Shikhman with her long university work experience; Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor T.Kh. Kuzbekov experienced in working for the Republican State Planning Committee; Moscow State Univeristy alumna, Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor V.A. Lobanova; Candidate of Technology, Associate Professor G.L. Fadeyeva; Candidates of Sciences, Associate Professors M.F. Khismatov, M.Kh. Valeyev, G.A. Gafarov et al. worked successfully on the border of geographical and economic specialisation areas.
Having taken into consideration the available opportunities, the Bashkir State University Chancellor’s Office, on agreement with the authorities of the Republic of Bashkortostan, applied to the Russian Federation Ministry of Higher Educational Establishments with a suggestion on the need and possibility of training economists with higher education capable of working in economic entities at the macrolevel.
The suggestion was accepted, and the Russian Federation Ministry of Higher Educational Establishments authorised Bashkir State University to train economists in the majors of Economic and Social Planning and Economics and Sociology of Labour, with annual admittance of 25 people to each major.
The structural organisation and shaping of the Faculty of Economics took place ahead of the country-wide economic reform, and its further development as an independent structural unit of а higher educational establishment happened against the background of transition and development of market system in the Russian Federation. The names of the established departments, as well as the content of educational plans for the majors and the peculiarities of their updating, testify to those facts.
In 1992 the Faculty of Economics obtained an independent status and is currently training specialists in the majors of Economic Theory, National Economy, Finances and Credit, Sociology of Labour and Enterprise Economics, Organisation Management. The Faculty ranks 2nd in Bashkir State University in the number of students.
There are 6 Departments training specialists at the Faculty: General Economic Theory, National Economy, Regional Economy, Sociology of Labour and Enterprise Economics, Mathematical Forecasting Methods in Economics.