History of the Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology

The Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology was established in 2000. The solution of the question of creating the Faculty became urgent for the Republic of Bashkortostan, where representatives of more than 115 ethnicities live and work in peace and concord and where merging and synthesis of different cultures of the West and the East can be easily observed. It is the reason why studying Eurasianism issues and analysis of sociopolitical, moral and psychological life standards of the peoples inhabiting the Republic of Bashkortostan is a standing need for modern science and sociohistorical practice.
The Faculty has been created for coordinating efforts in the sphere of training specialists in sociopolitical, social and humanist disciplines and areas. At the Faculty there has been formed a school known throughout the country for studying problems of development of spiritual life of society and its culture, establishment and functioning of social and political processes and structures. The founders of the school are such renowned scholars as Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan F.B. Sadykov, Professor F.L. Sayakhov, Associate Professor G.S. Ismagilov, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan D.Zh. Valeyev.
Another school recognized by the Russian Federation philosophical community studies problems of ontology, theory of cognition, methodology and logics. The founder of this school was Associate Professor T.G. Sultanguzin.
At present the Faculty employs Doctors of Sciences, Professors who are well-known in the Republic of Bashkortostan: B.G. Akchurin, R.S. Ayupov, F.B. Burkhanova, K.B. Valiullin, A.A. Valkov, B.S. Galimov, Dzh.M. Gilyazitdinov, R.I. Irnazarov, A.F. Kudryashev, A.V. Lukyanov, Yu.N. Nikiforov, D.A. Nuriyev, S.M. Pozdyayeva, Z.Ya. Rakhmatullina, L.B. Sultanova, R.M. Tukhvatullin, I.V. Frolova, A.R. Yanguzin, D.Kh. Yandurin et al.
Large amount of work is done in the sphere of scientific growth of young specialists. To that end the Faculty provides every condition: postgraduate and doctoral courses, dissertation councils for defence of candidate and doctoral dissertations; training courses in central higher education establishments and academies of sciences; for students – student groups, professional training at organizations and enterprises. The professional and teaching staff of the Departments is becoming younger.
The professional and teaching staff of the Faculty are actively engaged in mastering academic disciplines related to new majors having recently appeared in the country: philosophy, political science, sociology, social work, public relations. New programs and methodological manuals are being developed, textbooks and learning aids are being published that help students to obtain knowledge and develop practical skills.
A unified subject matter of research is gradually being formed at the Faculty that involves studying problems of sociopolitical and spiritual development of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Bashkortostan and consolidates scholars and specialists in various fields of humanist knowledge.
The Faculty issues a scholarly journal called Philosophical Thought. It publishes articles by University staff and Republican scholars as well as scholars from other Russian Federation regions and CIS countries. On the basis of the Faculty function the Bashkir Branch of the Russian Philosophical Association, the Bashkortostan Branch of the Russian Sociologists’ Association, the Bashkortostan Branch of the Russian Association of Political Sciences.