The Chair of Calculus Mathematics

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Head of the Chair - Professor N.D. Morozkin, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics
The Chair of Calculus Mathematics with a calculus laboratory equipped with the first computer in Bashkortostan was set up in 1960 on the basis of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics.
The Chair has a staff of 15: 5 Professors, Doctors of Science, 7 Associate Professors, Candidates of Science, 1 Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering.
The members of the Chair give lectures in Information Science, Numerical Methods, Programming, Computer Science and Mathematics, History of Calculation Devices, Computer Technologies in Teaching, Computer Methods in Scientific Research etc. to students of many faculties of BSU.
The Chair has well established scientific links with leading universities, institutes, and research centres. The staff regularly take part in Russian and international conferences, publish their works in central scientific journals.
The Chair trains specialists in the qualification “Mathematician. System Programmer”, Bachelors in Applied Mathematics and Information Technology, and Masters in Applied Mathematics and Information Technology.
Many Chair’s graduates have become Doctors and Candidates of Science, they are working at the development of calculation methods in topical scientific and technical tasks, in modeling processes of physics, chemistry, economics, biology etc.
Main Research Areas
  • Mathematical modelling and optimizing phase restricted heating processes including:
  • Numerical search algorithms of optimal control of nonlinear prism heating processes with temperature tension restrictions
  • Elastic tension calculations of complex three-dimensional bodies by means of final elements
  • Mathematical modelling and optimizing crediting processes
  • Mathematical modelling and optimizing the processes of electric and mass transfer in electrochemical systems, in particular:
  • Difference approximations of optimal control tasks for quasilinear elliptical and parabolic equations with control of state equation coefficients and boundary conditions
  • Calculation methods of solving the problems of distribution of magnetic and electric fields in electrolyzers for nonferrous metals production
  • Numerical algorithms of calculating electric fields in three-dimensional electrochemical complex configuration systems
  • Numerical investigation of electric and mass transfer processes with further publishing of the results
Teaching Work Aspects
  1. Expert Systems with their Applications
  2. System Programming
  3. Computer Mathematical Systems. Practical training in the Maple problem solving
  4. Solving Boundary Integration Equation Problems
  5. Iterative Methods of Solving Mesh Equations
  6. Numerical Methods of Solving the Cauchy Problem in Ordinary Differential Equations
  7. Numerical Methods of Solving Boundary Problems (Stationary Problems)
  8. Methods of Solving Extreme Problems
  9. Mathematical Modelling of Optimal Processes. Regularizing and Approximating Incorrect Extreme Problems
  10. Numerical Methods of Solving Boundary Problems (Nonstationary Problems)
The Chair was founded by Candidate of Physics and Mathematics Ignatev U.V. who was the first Head of the Chair and the scientific adviser of the Calculation Laboratory [1960-1964] (later – Doctor of Science, Professor). At the same time he initiated cooperation with industrial enterprises of Ufa with the aim of practical application of calculus mathematics in Bashkir industry.
The Calculation Laboratory staff consisted of computer engineers (B.N. Skobelsky, V.A. Antonov, V.A. Shcherbakov, V.K. Loboda, K.A. Baichurin) and programming engineers – the first graduates of the Chair (V.I. Smolnikov, R.G. Smirnova, L.K. Fatkullina, S.V. Tarasenko, I.M. Kats, V. Akhmerova, L.B. Suleimanova). New specialists – L.Z. Izgina (programmer, MSU graduate), V.M. Sapelnikov and L.A. Sapelnikova (from Ryazan Radio Institute) and B.A. Kaplunovsky started their work here in 1961. Since 1962 the staff has been enlarged by employing physicists and programmers – graduates of BSU. 1968 saw the first official graduation of specialists with the qualification “Mathematician. Calculus Mathematics” of 19 people who began their career in different research centres and industrial  enterprises of Bashkortostan. Graduates of the Chair were then coming to all new calculation centres of the Republic as unique experts in applied and calculus mathematics.
Associate Professor U.V. Ignatev taught the course “Calculation Methods” and some other courses as well. R.V. Suleimanov (an Olympic bronze medalist in pistol shooting), V.T. Ivanov (a founder of the school of applied mathematics in Bashkortostan), L.K. Fatkullina, L.Z. Izgina were among his postgraduates.
R.N Bikkulova worked at the Chair in 1962-1974, a graduate of Kazan University, postgraduate of Moscow State University. She gave a course in calculation methods and linear programming, worked for industrial enterprises.
L.Z. Izgina, a Calculation Laboratory programmer, became the Chair’s staff member at the same time. Her courses included the basic course in calculation methods, nonlinear programming, and mathematical problems of computer-aided design systems.
S.Y. Ruderman, a Samara State University graduate started working at the Chair in 1974 with a course in probability theory and mathematical statistics, later got his Candidate and Doctoral degrees.
The Chair of Mathematical Modelling was established on the basis of the Chair of Calculus Mathematics in 1974 with S.Y. Ruderman as its head and R.N Bikkulova and V.G. Tropin as his co-workers and postgraduates. In 1964-1975 the Chair was headed by Associate Professor A.F. Klementev who gave lectures on calculation methods and difference methods of solving parabolic equations.
V.A. Galkina and A.K. Yakupova, senior lecturers, worked here in 1967-1994.
In 1975-1993 the Chair was headed by U.V. Ignatev who at the same time was in charge of the Calculus Sector of the Department of Physics and Mathematics of the Academy of Sciences, and later of the Mathematical Institute. In 1978 he became Professor.
In 1991 V.T. Ivanov was elected Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences, was then awarded the degree of Honoured Scientific Worker of Bashkortostan and Russia. In 1991-2001 he worked as a Professor of the Chair. His apprentices, staff members with academic degrees were Associate Professor M.M. Makhmutov (1972-1993), Professor S.A. Shcherbinin (1986-2001), Associate Professor I.V. Bochkareva (1989-2001), Professor A.M. Bolotnov (1983-2009), Professor F.V. Lubyshev (since 1971).
Since 1993 until now the Chair has been headed by Professor N.D. Morozkin.