The Chair of Differential Equations

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Head of the Chair - Professor M.G. Yumagulov, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics
Different stages of the Chair’s history have been marked by the work of such prominent scientists as Professors Y.T. Sultanaev, M.D. Ramazanov, A.V. Shabat, L.A. Kalyakin, V.Y. Novokshenov, Academician A.M. Ilyin. The cooperation of the Chair with the Mathematical Institute of the Academy of Sciences is being actively supported and its Professors, for instance, A.V. Zhiber, I.T. Khabibullin, R.R. Gadylyshin, F. K. Mukminov, Y. S. Ylyasov are presently working at the Chair.
Main Research Areas
  • Asymptotic methods in mathematical physics
  • Spectral properties (spectrum localization, expansions) of nonself-adjoint operators with variable coefficients including oscillating operators
  • Theory of inverse Sturm–Liouville problems and their mechanical applications
  • New classes of singular differential operators with a continuous spectrum
  • Multiparameter inverse spectral problems and methods of their analysis
  • Asymptotic solution of the harmonic resonance problem. The subharmonic resonance problem.
Teaching Work:
The staff is constantly working at developing and modifying the courses given. Two extra special courses have been introduced; new courses for undergraduates have been included in the curriculum. Test control and the rating system are employed.
The following courses have been advanced and developed: Mathematics (for economic specialities), Mathematics and Information Science (for the specialities Philosophy, Politology, PR, Engineering, Chemistry), Differential Equations (Faculties of Mathematics and Physics), Partial Differential Equations (Facultiy of Mathematics) and Integral Equations (Faculty of Physics). All the above courses are supplied with corresponding teaching aid materials. The quality of the courses is closely controlled by a special commission.