The Chair of Mathematical analysis

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Head of the Chair - Professor Kh.K. Murtazin, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics
The Chair of Mathematical analysis is the oldest department of the Faculty. All of its members possess academic degrees (2 professors with a Doctor’s degree, 1 professor – Candidate of Science, 4 Associate Professors, Candidates of Science), which results in   high efficiency of the Chair’s pedagogical, educational, and research activities. All the lecturers are authors of teaching aid works and that contributes to the high academic level of their lectures in mathematical analysis (which is a fundamental mathematical discipline).
The research speciality of the Chair has been determined and developed in the last 20 years under the influence of Professor Kh.K. Murtazin. It is the spectral theory of operators. Professor Kh.K. Murtazin has managed to establish a scientific circle of his apprentices specializing in this field (T.G. Amangildin, Z.Y. Fazullin, Kh.K. Ishkin, and M.B. Gubaidullin). Their work is reflected in numerous articles in Russia and abroad and also in the study by Kh.K. Murtazin and V.A. Sadovnichy “The Spectral Analysis of the Multiparticle Schrödinger Operator”.