Department of Labour Sociology and Business Economics

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Headed by:
Doctor of Economics, Professor, Active Member of Russian Academy of Social Sciences
Filor Mukhametlatypov
In 1990 a Department of Labour Sociology and Economics was established. It was headed by the renowned scientist, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Member of Russian Academy of Social Sciences D.M. Gilyazetdinov. The Department was given the status of graduating department training labour specialists. Since 2000 the Department has been called Department of Labour Sociology and Business Economics.
The Department trains specialists with higher professional education in major 080104.65 Labour Economics. Over the decades of its work the Department has trained more than 700 diplomaed specialists.
Throughout many years the Department has been doing research in the field of “Socioeconomic relations between employees and employers and theoretical problems of population protection” (1998-2002). Since 2003 the research has been concentrated on “Subject structure of economic relations as an object of socioeconomic analysis”. Under Professor F.U. Mukhametlatypov’s guidance the professional and teaching staff of the Department have participated in developing federal research projects: “Russian peoples”, “Russian universities”; regional research projects: “Scientific foundations of controlling the economic and social development of the Republic of Bashkortostan under the conditions of transition to market relations”; in the scientific program of the Institute for Sociopolitical Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences “Researching socioecomonic situation in Russia” within the area of “Socioeconomic aspects of tension in the Republic of Bashkortostan”.

The Department employs one Doctor of Sociology (specialising in economic sociology), Professor, three teachers with academic degrees and titles, two senior lecturers. The Department runs doctoral and postgraduate courses in majors 08.00.05 – Economics and National Economy Control (Labour Economics), 22.00.03 – Economic Sociology. 11 candidate and 1 doctoral dissertations have been defended. The teachers of the Department have won grants and been nominated for scholarships at different levels.
The Department has organized various international scientific conferences.