The Chair of Hydrology and Geoecology

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Head of the Chair – Professor A.M. Gareev, Doctor of Geography
The Chair of Hydrology and Geoecology was established in February 2008 as a result of splitting the Chair of Physical Geography and Hydrology. The     teaching and research activity of the Chair is based on the high qualification of its lecturers obtained in the course of their investigation work at the Chair of Physical Geography (1957-1974), Land Hydrology (1974-1989), and Physical Geography and Hydrology (1989-2008).
The Chair’s development history owes to the research of the following well-known teaching scientists: Professor V.A. Balkov, Associate Professors  F.A.  Maksyutov, I.P. Kadilnikova, V.P. Nepochatykh, R.M. Abzalov, N.N. Altai, V.A. Bokov (now – Pro-rector for Research Work of Tavrichesky    University [Ukraine]).
The Chair carries out research in geoecology and the Urals Region environment protection problems and involves extensive study of environmental influence of industrial activity.
Thus, Prof. V.A. Balkov has made long-term studies of river basins water balance, measuring small river basins etc. Prof. F.A. Maksyutov is known as one of the most efficient scientists in the field of new landscape classification approaches. Associate Prof. V.A. Baskakov has successfully applied mathematical methods in geographical research.
In 1990-2007 the Chair of Physical Geography and Hydrology was headed by Prof. A.M. Gareev, Honoured Scientific Worker of Bashkortostan. The Chair carried out profound research in environmental degradation influence of industrial processes. The research involved long-term expeditions and local observation in the following regions of the Republic: Beloretsk, Meleuz (mountainous and forest areas), Blagovar, and Tuimazy (forest and steppe areas).
At present scientific investigations are held in cooperation with foreign participants. Thus, within the grant project of the Folkswagen Fund land degradation regularities and erosion expansion processes in typical forest-steppe areas are studied in collaboration with Martin Luther University (Halle, Germany). The grant made it possible to purchase special equipment and the purchase of an automatic meteorological station operating on the water-balance station is planned.
The Chair collaborates with other foreign institutes of higher education in Abkhazia, Poland, and Ukraine. Foreign students and postgraduates serve apprenticeship and do diploma projects at the Chair, Candidate and Doctoral theses are defended, scientific works are published.
The Chair has a staff of 10: 2 Doctors of Science, Professors, 4 Candidates of Science (3 Associate Professors, 1 Senior Lecturer, 2 Assistant Lecturers). The following courses are offered:
Meteorology and Climatology, Hydrology, Soil Geography and Basic Soil Science, Geoecology, Ecological Design and Expertise, Aerophoto Interpretation, Meliorative Geography, Environmental Monitoring.
The special courses of the Chair are:
  • 51.08.15 Hydrology: Hydrometry, Hydrogeology, Hydrobiology, Water Problems, Maintenance Methods in Hydrology, Hydrological Forecasts, Hydrochemistry, Erosion and Waterway Processes, Technical Water Exploration, Antierosive Melioration, Subsurface Water Utilization and Protection, Subsurface Water Supply Estimation, Inland Water Protection, Hydraulic Engineering and Hydrotechnics;
  • 51.08.19 Geoecology and Wildlife Management: Land Use Geography, Agricultural Landscape Ecology, Hydrobiological Monitoring, Environmental Geochemistry, Mathematical Methods in Geoecology, Environmental Physical and Chemical Component Analysis, Destroyed Territory Recultivation, Hydrogeoecology, Ecological Management, Basic Ecological Audit, Waste Classification and Utilization, Human Ecology, Environmental Territory Protection System, Radioecology, Water Ecology, Technogenic Systems and Ecological Risk, Geoecological Mapping.