The Chair of Physical Geography, Local Geography Study and Tourism

Head of the Chair – Professor A.V. Psyanchin, Doctor of Geography
The Chair of Physical Geography, Local Geography, and Tourism trains students in the following specialities: 020400 – Physical Geography and 012522 – Tourism, Excursion Study&Ecological Tourism.
The Chair was set up in 1932. Up to the 1960-s geology was its priority field. The Chair was headed by D.G. Ozhiganov, the first Doctor of Science in the Teachers Training Institute.
Associate Professor I.P. Kadilnikov headed the Chair at the end of the 1960-s, and that was the time when physical geographic study of Bashkortostan began, particularly the landscape study.
The Chair carries out research in:
  • Physical and Geographical Demarcation

  • Landscape Study

  • Local Geography and Tourism

  • Nature Sanctuaries Discovery and Study

  • Natural Factors Influence on Industrial Objects Placement

Since 2000 the Chair’s scientific research has involved making up and publishing the series “Bashkortostan Maps Collection”, wall-type physical geography maps for schools (2004), the annual Workbook of Bahkortostan Geography (since 1996).
The Chair’s students practice their skills in different regions of the Republic, such as southern and northern parts of the Urals and the West-Siberian Region of Russia.
The Chair cooperates with the Geographical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Science and Technology History Institute, with geographical faculties of other universities, with state administration institutions and industrial enterprises of the Republic.
The Chair’s development prospects
  1. Modified landscape geoecological peculiarities discovery is one of the main tasks in searching for best ways of wildlife management and integrity protection, especially in the regions demanding urgent regeneration. Therefore, landscape study of Bashkortostan is of great importance due to various kinds of human influence eon the landscape.

  2. Nowadays the Republic is offering abundant tourism opportunities which are considered quite profitable. The southern Urals and Bashkortostan in particular own extensive nature resources owing to which the region can develop in social and economic aspects. Tourism development demand is fist of all formed by the great variety of landscapes and nature and historic sanctuaries. Therefore, the tourism industry, being an economic development instrument, determines the necessity to take into account the problems of wildlife management and tourist activity regulation problems.