The Chair of Oriental languages

450074, Ufa, Valydi St., 32.
Phone: 8(347)2736708, 8(347)2738272
The head of the Chair:
Cand. Of Science, Prof. Assistant
Ibragimov Gainislam Davletbayevich
The chair of oriental languages is one the newest ones in the university. It was established on September 1, 2008. The main purpose of this chair was a more profound study of the Arab, Persian, Turkish and Chinese languages study and personnel training specialized in this area. From the  middle of 90-ies the work of the staff of the chair within The Chair of the Bashkir and General Linguistics was concentrated on oriental studies under the guidance of Prof. M.V. Zaynullin
Nowadays there are 8 lecturers at the chair. Among them are Prof. E.F. Ishberdin, Cand. Of Science, Prof. Assistant G.D. Ibragimov, 3 Senior Teachers (V.I. Allakayeva, Abdullah Manan Obayd Gol, Hao Huemin), 3 assistants (I.Z. Gaffarov, A.N. Bakhtiyarova, M. F. Akilova)
 The main areas are: an advanced study of oriental languages, the contrastive functional grammar of the oriental and the Bashkir languages. The main disciplines are: The comparative grammar of the Turkic languages, the Old Turkic language, the essentials of the study of Turkic languages, the Turkish language, the Arab language, the Persian language.
The staff of the chair was given a task to develop the educational-methodic complex on the oriental languages study for students, post-graduates (programs, text-books, tutorials, illustrative and manipulative material, methodic guides etc.).
The members of the chair take active part in educational, methodological and practical pedagogical work on the mentioned languages, as well as in scientific and literary life of the republic, contribute the conferences ranging from local to international level. They are also regular contributors to local media.