Particles' researchers

Who studied particles and who is studying particles in Russian and foreign linguistics? How do they define the term "particle"? What types of particles are researchers studying? What methods do they use to study particles? Within which theoretical concepts do they describe the meanings and functions of particles? What is the significance of particle research in linguistics?

To answer these questions, within the framework of this research project, a list of researchers was compiled, whose works are devoted to the study of particles, including in a comparative aspect of particles research. 

In the constantly updated document posted on the cloud data website, you can find basic information about Russian and foreign linguists whose research is aimed at studying particles. The document contains biographical data of researchers, a list of the main works on particles, as well as citations from these works. The information in the document is presented in Russian and English.

As part of the research project, interviews with particle researchers are also planned, which will be held in September-October 2019 and uploaded on a cloud data website.